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New Jersey Juvenile Defense

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The public, and even some attorneys, believe that juvenile crime convictions are not as serious as convictions in adult cases. Juvenile records are often sealed, so many people believe, it is not important to mount a meaningful defense.

We could not disagree more with this assessment. Anthony Vecchio takes juvenile justice cases very seriously.

Juvenile Delinquency in the United States

juvenile courts representative Anthony Vechhio explains juvenile crime in the USA 
Every year, tens of thousands of young Americans are drawn into the criminal justice system. It is true that the number of incarcerated juveniles has steadily declined. Even so, in 2011 70,000 juvenile offenders were in residential placement.
In fact, the U.S. has the highest rate of juvenile incarceration of any developed country. Unfortunately, these high rates lead to negative outcomes for both the juvenile offenders and society.

Once a juvenile delinquency is charged, it is hard for that young person to smoothly transition back into his or her community.

New Jersey defense attorney Anthony Vecchio talks juvenile incarceration

Juvenile incarceration decreases the likelihood of high school completion by 13-39%. It also increases the chance of incarceration as an adult, by as much as 23-41%.

Once released, juvenile offenders typically have special educational needs. In addition, juvenile incarceration disproportionately affects minorities, particularly African-American males.

New Jersey Juvenile Crime Statistics

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In New Jersey alone, there are currently 469 juvenile offenders who are either committed or under probation. Most of those persons are male and African-American. The most common criminal category is an offense against the person, which includes any use of force or threat of force against another individual.

Other common offenses committed by teens include violation of probation (indicating that many juvenile offenders have repeated contact with the criminal justice system) and disorderliness. Nearly half of those teens have special education needs, suggesting that juvenile offenders are an already at-risk population.

Types of New Jersey Juvenile Charges

Under New Jersey law, offenses that adults face can also be applied as juvenile delinquency offenses if the alleged offender is under the age of 18. Municipal offenses for cities and towns across New Jersey, other than traffic offenses, can also be charged in juvenile court.

Those offenses include:

If your child was charged with fighting, New Jersey juvenile defense attorney Anthony J. Vecchio can help

Charges related to fighting

Vandalism in New Jersey by children is a serious problem, attorney Anthony J. Vecchio wants to help your son or daughter get back on the right track


New Jersey Juvenile Charges—What You Could Face

Aside from these broad trends, juvenile convictions put individuals at a serious disadvantage in their lives.

keep your record free of juvenile delinquency charges with help from New Jersey attorney Anthony J Vecchio 
Though juvenile records are closed to the public, they can be accessed by certain parties, including law enforcement, judges, bar examiners and military officials. A finding of delinquency made against a juvenile may be considered by these parties.

Thus, one brush with the law as a teenager, whether it be trespassing or underage drinking and driving, can lead to major career setbacks, especially in the legal profession or the military.

A prior juvenile record can affect future juvenile delinquency proceedings and proceedings in adult criminal court. For example, the first time offender program available in Superior Court, known as pre-trial intervention (“PTI”), may not be an option to an applicant who has had supervisory treatment in the past, such as probation, even if this occurred while the applicant was a juvenile.

Juvenile Record Expungement

Need an expungement for a juvenile crime? New Jersey attorney Anthony J Vecchio can help
Clearly, it is advantageous to have a clean juvenile criminal record. If you already have a finding of delinquency (or even just an arrest) on record in New Jersey, there is a way to remove it, called expungency.
You can ask a New Jersey judge to permanently remove the record of specific violations that occurred here. If there was no conviction, you can apply for an expungement immediately; if a sentence was served more than five years ago, the conviction can be expunged. It is best to get an attorney to do this, as navigating the court system is quite challenging.

Why You Need a Juvenile Justice Attorney

New Jersey juvenile defense lawyer Anthony J. Vecchio is experienced in handling many types of juvenile crimes, contact him today for help!

New Jersey juvenile lawyer, Anthony J. Vecchio is passionate about defending juveniles against criminal and delinquency charges. He will work tirelessly to protect your child’s rights. He has been rated 10/10 by Avvo and has been listed as a Super Lawyers® Rising Star® since 2012.

If your child has been charged with an offense, or if police want to question him or her, give the Law Offices of Anthony J. Vecchio, LLC a call to make sure your loved one receives the proper defense to which he or she is entitled.







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