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Old Bridge DWI Arrests


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Old Bridge Police have earned some reputation in last few years, issuing tons of traffic tickets. Many of these lead to. My main office is only minutes from the Old Bridge court. This allows us to provide a high level of service to someone charged with an Old Bridge DWI. Call to speak with a New Jersey DUI lawyer.

DWI charges in Old Bridge carry harsh penalties. This is true for both citizens and those here on visas or illegally. In New Jersey, DWI charges are not criminal offenses. An Old Bridge DUI is still just a traffic ticket. However, being convicted of a DWI can affect immigration status. Being deemed an alcoholic may affect your admissibility for a visa or to adjust status. If you are here illegally, being convicted of DWI will probably lead to you being deported.

This is not necessarily because you were convicted of DWI, but rather because you entered the country illegally and are here without having been admitted or paroled. As if that was not bad enough in the government’s eyes, now you are driving drunk, probably without even having a driver’s license. If you are here illegally, you should not do anything to draw attention to yourself, especially driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Old Bridge is a suburban community in southern. The town borders Marlboro and Matawan, which are in Monmouth County, as well as the Middlesex County towns of Sayreville, East Brunswick. If you are charged with a DWI in Old Bridge, you will be scheduled for a first appearance in the Old Bridge Municipal Court.

The Old Bridge DWI court is located at 1 Old Bridge Plaza, Old Bridge, NJ 08857. The court is situated next to the library off Route 516 near the intersection of Cottrell Road. The Old Bridge Court is an extremely busy court and it can be difficult getting in touch with the court administrator’s office. The judge in Old Bridge Court is the Honorable James Weber, J.M.C. The prosecutor is Lane Miller, Esq.

There are ways to defend against an Old Bridge DWI charge. If the police did not have reasonable suspicion that your car broke a traffic law, we can challenge the reason for the stop. If after pulling you over, you did not show any signs of intoxication, we can argue that you should not have been detained for sobriety testing.

If your performance on these sobriety tests did not warrant a DWI charge, we can argue that there was no probable cause to arrest. If the police did not have probable cause to arrest, the results of the breath test can be excluded.

However, if you are arrested for DWI, you must submit to breath testing. The time to argue that there was no probable cause to arrest you is in court, not at the police station. If you refuse to give a breath sample, you will also be charged with the separate offense of Refusal, which carries a minimum 7 months. There are limited defenses to a Refusal charge.

One defense is that there was not probable to arrest you. Another is the so-called “confusion doctrine,” which the courts have been reticent to accept. Refusal charges are usually tougher to defend than the underlying DWI.

If you have been charged with a DWI in Old Bridge, call now to speak with a NJ DWI lawyer.






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