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New Jersey Firearm/Handgun Permit Appeals

September 4, 2014

If you have been denied a NJ firearm Purchaser ID Card or a Permit to Purchase a Handgun, call my office for a free consultation with an experienced gun rights attorney. New Jersey has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. However, under the United States Constitution, you have the right to own a firearm, plain and…

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New DUI Law Requiring Cameras in Police Cars Stalls on Gov. Christie’s Desk

August 20, 2014

New Requirements New police cars purchased by New Jersey police departments would be required to have cameras installed if Governor Christie signs the law, which was passed overwhelmingly by both chambers of the legislature. Governor Christie has the option to veto the bill. The bill would have become law without a veto by August 11, but a clause in the state constitution…

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Why You Should Never Leave the Scene of an Accident in New Jersey

August 2, 2014

In New Jersey, there are a lot of ways to commit a serious traffic violation. Driving faster than the posted speed limit, tailgating, passing a stopped school bus, improper passing, and driving while intoxicated are all offenses that can result in fines and points on your driver’s license in New Jersey. What happens if you’re caught leaving the scene of…

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African Americans May Be Targeted More by Newark Stop and Frisk Program

July 15, 2014

At Risk African Americans are being disproportionately stopped in Newark, New Jersey stop and frisks. This is according to police department data released for the first four months of 2014. Although stops are a bit down overall from 2,093 averaged per month for the last six months of 2013 to 1,714 in the report. Despite the decrease in stops, blacks still…

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What is a Pre-Indictment Conference in NJ?

May 3, 2014

If you have been arrested for a felony in New Jersey, it does not automatically mean you will be indicted and tried in court. Rather than simply indicting you and bringing you to trial, the state may pursue a less severe option. This can be having your case scheduled for a pre-indictment conference. So, what is a pre-indictment conference in…

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New Jersey Criminal Case: Is the Evidence Prejudicial?

April 1, 2014

What happens to a criminal defendant when the prosecution introduces evidence that may bias the defendant’s case? If you or a loved one faces a criminal case, you should understand the danger of introducing evidence that could negatively bias the court against fully hearing the facts of the case. Recent Case Recently, a New Jersey criminal defendant, Vonte Skinner, was…

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NJ Breathalyzer/Alcotest Police Certification

April 4, 2010

When it comes to challenging your Breathalyzer /Alcotest results in a New Jersey DWI case, it is vital for your attorney to be proactive. This means attacking the admissibility of the breath test results before they are received by the judge into evidence during your trial. One requirement the prosecutor has to meet before he or she may use your breath test…

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