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What If Police Searched you Illegally?

April 1, 2020

Experience Getting Evidence Thrown Out in Court      I have been defending clients accused of committing criminal offenses for over a decade. Many of these involved drug possession and gun charges. These can be characterized as possessory offenses. They almost always occur following some kind of search. This could be the police searching your car, home, or person.  The issue of “possession”…

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Can Police Search Your Home Without a Warrant?

April 1, 2020

Former Prosecutor on Your Side. NJ Police can search your home without a warrant under very limited circumstances. As a defense attorney in New Jersey I have defended clients against warrantless police searches of their homes. In some cases police entered these client’s homes without consent or a warrant. It is often assumed that such a action is simply illegal.…

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Pedestrian Hit By a Car in NJ

March 28, 2020

Can I Sue? Were you innocently walking across the street when–wham!–you were hit by a car? Such a startling collision can result in severe injuries. If you were hit by a car in New Jersey, you may wonder if you can sue. In many cases, the answer is: Yes! You can sue a negligent driver for causing your pedestrian-car accident…

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The Dangers of House Parties

March 15, 2020

As parents, we want to see our teenagers enjoy good times with friends. At the same time, we want to keep them safe, too.  Allowing your teen to have a house party may seem like an ideal way for the teen to have fun while still being under your watch. However, teen parties can also easily cross the line and…

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Defense Against New Jersey DWI Prosecution Based on Hearsay

March 14, 2020

In some cases, the prosecution will try to use witness statements to convict suspects of drunk driving. If so, you need an experienced New Jersey DWI attorney who can defend against a DWI witness. A trial judge allowing witness statements to be used against you in a DWI trial may be violating both the hearsay rules of evidence and your right to confront…

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Drug Possession in Middlesex County, NJ

March 12, 2020

Across the country we’re finding an increasing problem with drugs. New Jersey is no exception to this widespread trend. The age of drug users is decreasing, with 40% of high school students in the United States having tried marijuana one or more times. New Jersey is slightly lower than the national average at 37%, but this is still high. The…

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What Is the Penalty for Driving Without Registration in New Jersey?

January 31, 2020

Were you pulled over for driving with no registration in New Jersey? Forgetting to keep up with your registration is easy to do. With so many demands for attention among busy schedules, many people forget to renew their car registration. If you received a ticket for driving with no registration, you may be wondering about your legal options. As an…

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Do you have to lose your license under the new NJ DUI law?

December 6, 2019

Recent changes to New Jersey’s DWI laws have eliminated driver’s license suspensions for many first offense drunk-driving convictions.  New Jersey has also reduced the driver’s license suspension period for second, third and subsequent convictions.  The new law, and update to NJSA 39:4-50, which took effect on December 1, 2019, and expires on January 1, 2024, dramatically changes the way New…

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How to Beat a Simple Assault Charge

November 26, 2019

Have you been charged with a simple assault in New Jersey? When emotions heat up, simple assault can follow. Simple assault often occurs in episodes of domestic violence, when arguing with neighbors, or in instances of public intoxication.  If you have been charged with simple assault, you know that there’s nothing simple about beating this charge. You need to understand…

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How to Get a Possession Charge Dismissed in New Jersey

November 25, 2019

Common NJ Drug Arrests Been arrested for a possession charge in NJ? This is the most common question new clients ask after being arrested for drug possession. This article answers some questions about how to get possession charges dismissed in NJ. The most common type of drug possession is possessions of marijuana. The applicable statute is NJSA 2C:35-10(a)4. This is…

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