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Hillsborough Criminal Defense Lawyer

Respected Criminal Defense Lawyer Successfully Represents Clients Charged With Criminal Offenses In Hillsborough And Throughout New Jersey 

At the Law Offices of Anthony J. Vecchio, LLC, we know firsthand all the tactics and strategies that prosecutors employ to build a criminal case. We know this because respected Hillsborough criminal defense lawyer Anthony J. Vecchio worked as a prosecutor for many years.

Attorney Vecchio uses his unique perspective as a former prosecutor to build a strong, strategic defense of the charges you are facing, with a track record of success in representing clients in Hillsborough and throughout New Jersey.

Knowledgeable Hillsborough Criminal Defense Lawyer Handles All Types Of Criminal Charges Brought Against New Jersey Clients

At the Law Offices of Anthony J. Vecchio, LLC, our knowledgeable Hillsborough criminal defense team handles all types of criminal charges including the following and more:

Have questions about the criminal charges brought against you? Learn more about the charges brought against you and the next steps in the criminal process. Schedule a free, confidential consultation with the Law Offices of Anthony J. Vecchio, LLC.

Skilled Hillsborough New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney Is By Your Side Throughout the Criminal Process

The criminal process — from arresting an individual to sentencing for conviction — is a complicated process. Understanding that process is important, and being informed will enable you to make the best possible decisions in your criminal case.

Below are some of the key steps in the criminal process:  

  • An investigation is conducted of the alleged crime
  • Police officer makes an arrest based on probable cause
  • Prosecutor makes a formal criminal charge, alleging that an individual has committed a crime
  • An initial hearing or arraignment is conducted shortly after the defendant is charged
  • Both sides share information about their case in discovery
  • In some cases, a plea bargain is reached, which is a legal agreement between the defendant and the prosecution. If there is a plea bargain, the case does not go to trial
  • During a preliminary hearing, the prosecutor is required to present sufficient evidence to a judge to demonstrate that there is probable cause to require the defendant to stand trial for the crimes charged 
  • A trial is held before a jury or judge
  • If the defendant pleads guilty or is found guilty by a jury, the court will sentence the defendant
  • If the defendant is found guilty, they may file an appeal asking a higher court to review the case and reverse the decision of the lower court. A defendant may choose to appeal the conviction or only the sentence
  • If the legal criteria are satisfied, the defendant may have their criminal record expunged

The skilled Hillsborough criminal defense team at the Law Offices of Anthony J. Vecchio, LLC are by your side throughout the criminal process, keeping you informed of the progress in your case every step of the way. The Law Offices of Anthony J. Vecchio, LLC are available for a free confidential consultation — arrange for your free initial consultation today.

About Hillsborough Township, New Jersey 

Hillsborough Township, New Jersey, is located in the Raritan Valley region in Somerset County. Hillsborough Township is home to 39,796 residents. The greatest number of crimes reported to law enforcement in 2018 in Hillsborough Township were property crimes, with 240 total reported incidents. There were also 190 reported incidents of larceny-theft and 46 burglaries reported to law enforcement. In 2018, there were 15 reports of violent crime and 8 reports of aggravated assault reported to law enforcement. Hillsborough Township also had 6 reported rapes, 4 motor vehicle thefts, 2 reported arsons, and one reported robbery in 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Criminal Offenses In Hillsborough, New Jersey

FAQ: What is a plea bargain?

A plea bargain is an agreement between the prosecutor and the defendant. It is a legal agreement, and it is very common in criminal cases. The basis of the plea bargain is that the defendant pleads guilty to the charges brought against them and, in return, the prosecutor agrees to do one of several things. The prosecutor may agree to drop one or more of the criminal charges, reduce the charge to a lesser offense, or recommend to the judge a specific sentence that has been agreed upon by both the prosecutor and the defendant. Plea bargains are favored in many criminal cases because they afford some level of control over the outcome of the case for both the defendant and the prosecutor. Plea bargains can be reached relatively quickly, which is also an advantage over a criminal trial that can last weeks or months. Most importantly, plea bargains must be agreed upon by both parties so — as a defendant — you have the decision-making power regarding whether or not you want to accept a plea bargain.

FAQ: What is a search warrant and how is it used in a New Jersey criminal case?

In a police investigation, law enforcement must obtain a search warrant — which is an official, legal document — if they want to search a premises. In order to apply for a search warrant, the police officer is required to demonstrate that there is “probable cause” to search, based on in from a reliable informant, or based on their own first-hand observations. A judge must approve a search warrant, which — when granted — gives police permission to conduct a physical search of a specific location in search of specific items. This is an important point — the search warrant is only granted for that particular location and for those particular items that are listed in the warrant. The search may not extend beyond these parameters, and if law enforcement should conduct a search without a warrant or search an area that is not specified in the warrant, the search is considered to be unreasonable. If you believe that police conducted an unlawful search of your property, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at the Law Offices of Anthony J. Vecchio immediately.

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