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Mount Laurel, NJ Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Attorney

Mount Laurel residents enjoy some of the most idyllic and welcoming suburbs in the state. Mt Laurel has great schools, parks, and beautiful homes. It also offers the opportunity for employment at one of the state’s 50 largest employers. The residents of Mount Laurel have much to be proud about. Contact our Mount Laurel criminal defense lawyer today.

The town places great emphasis on providing a quality place to raise a family. Is it any wonder why residents of Mount Laurel Township would be intimidated at the idea of defending themselves against a DWI?

New Jersey DWI can be an intimidating prospect for anyone. But it does not have to be something that ruins a person’s ability to earn an income or to stand proud in his or her community. The staff and Mount Laurel attorneys of the Law Offices of Anthony J. Vecchio, LLC work every day to defend the rights of those citizens charged with DWI and other serious violations.

A Mount Laurel DWI is a serious traffic violation. It carries penalties ranging from license suspension to paying fines and penalties to possible prison time.  The driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is assessed using a breath test via Alcotest 7110.

What You Should Look for in a Mount Laurel Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you choose a Mount Laurel criminal defense lawyer, the first thing you should consider is whether that lawyer focuses on cases that are similar to your own. Not every lawyer fully understands the nuances of how to navigate the criminal justice system in our state. Here are some specific things to consider when you hire a criminal defense lawyer in Mount Laurel:

  • Experience – Attorney Anthony J. Vecchio has handled more than 1,000 cases in his career. These include hundreds of cases that went to trial. This also includes cases that were dismissed following pre-trial motions and numerous cases that involved complex investigation and litigation. He knows how to study all angles of a case and pursue the best outcome for his clients.
  • Familiarity – Anthony is highly familiar with police, prosecutors, and court officials in Mount Laurel. His knowledge of local policies and procedures, as well as local law enforcement practices, can make a major difference for you.
  • Passion – Anthony is passionate when it comes to protecting the constitutionally and statutorily protected rights of those accused of crimes in Mount Laurel and throughout New Jersey. This includes, of course, the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. His passion motivates him to do everything he can to help his clients.
  • Attention – At the Law Offices of Anthony Vecchio, everything we do revolves around our clients. We pay close attention to their questions and concerns. We also work closely with them to define and pursue their goals.

Our Law Firm Handles Many Other Criminal Cases in Mount Laurel

With his extensive background in criminal law – on both the prosecution and defense sides – Mount Laurel attorney Anthony J. Vecchio has the experience to handle a wide range of cases for clients in Mount Laurel and surrounding areas in New Jersey. These include:

  • Drug offenses – A controlled dangerous substance (CDS) charge can have serious consequences. Anthony fights to protect the rights of adults and juveniles charged with drug possession, distribution, trafficking, and other CDS-related charges. If you are a first-time offender, Anthony can help you to pursue options such as pre-trial intervention (PTI) or conditional discharge.
  • Assault – As a violent offense, an assault charge can lead to harsh penalties. However, Anthony will look at all potential defenses. For instance, were you fighting to defend yourself or others? Was this a situation of “mutual combat,” where the other party agreed to engage in and accept the fight’s consequences?
  • Disorderly conduct – Many Mount Laurel residents find themselves charged with disorderly conduct – even though an appropriate ordinance violation charge may be warranted instead. For instance, a public intoxication ordinance violation or non-criminal citation would make better sense – especially if you are a first-time offender. Let Anthony talk with prosecutors on your behalf.
  • Computer criminal activity – The evidence involved in alleged computer crimes can be highly technical and complex. If charged with a computer-related offense, you will require highly-skilled legal representation. Let Anthony review your case. Your defense may require consultation with IT and software experts.
  • Sex offenses – Sex crimes are emotional and often very difficult to substantiate. If convicted, you could face not only immediate penalties but also ongoing registration requirements. This is why our office works hard to defend our client and ensure that they are treated fairly throughout the process.

Property Crimes

  • Robbery – Crimes such as robbery and carjacking are treated as violent offenses in New Jersey. They carry serious consequences and demand serious legal representation. If the alleged robbery involves attempted murder, inflicting or attempting to inflict serious bodily injury or use of a dangerous weapon, the stakes could be significantly higher.
  • Theft/shoplifting – Theft charges in New Jersey carry the potential for serious punishment, including imprisonment and restitution. Even a relatively “minor” theft offense on your record such as shoplifting could come back to haunt you. Anthony will explore all available defenses and fight for the best outcome for you.

Don’t see your charges? Don’t worry.  Our Mount Laurel law firm handles all sorts of cases. With five convenient offices throughout New Jersey, we are ready to help. Contact us today to talk to an attorney and find out if we can help with your case.

Is a Mount Laurel Driver Free to Refuse an Alcohol Breath Test?

According to the state’s interpretation, any driver on New Jersey highways has given an “implied consent” to a breath test. This is justified because in order to obtain a New Jersey driver’s license, the driver must sign his or her consent to submit to a roadside test.

The alternative— Alcohol Breath Test Refusal –  gives the police permission to detain the driver immediately. Then, the detained driver would be taken to a hospital where the state mandates a blood test to be taken. This blood test is mandatory, and it may not be refused. (It may sound barbaric to some, but it is the law as it currently stands!)

We can help with your Mount Laurel Car Accident or Other Personal Injury Case

As an aggressive and experienced Mount Laurel trial lawyer, Anthony J. Vecchio also represents victims who have suffered severe injuries or lost a loved one due to another driver’s negligence in a car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian accident.

Because New Jersey is a “no-fault insurance” state, some people mistakenly think that they can never bring a claim against the driver who caused an accident that injured them or killed a loved one. This is not the case. While your first option is to file a no-fault claim with your own insurer, you may be eligible to file a claim against the other driver if your case meets certain criteria. Anthony will explore all of your options.

Our law firm’s Mount Laurel personal injury practice areas also include:

It all starts with a free consultation. Contact Anthony at our Mount Laurel office today to discuss the facts of your accident and injury case. He will review what happened to you, answer any questions you may have, and help you to understand the options you can explore for seeking the compensation that you deserve. Anthony will represent you on a contingency fee basis. So, you will pay no attorney fees unless he secures compensation for you.

What to Expect in Your Mount Laurel Criminal Case

After an arrest in Mount Laurel, NJ, the prosecutor will decide what charges will be brought against you based on the circumstances. New Jersey law separates offenses into two categories: Disorderly persons offenses and indictable crimes. This is a bit different than how other states distinguish crimes. For the most part, indictable crimes are similar to felonies in other states. Disorderly persons offenses are akin to misdemeanors in other places.

After Arrest

In January 2017, a new law took effect in New Jersey that established a system in which a defendant’s release after an arrest depends on his or her flight risk and threat to public safety. If you are charged on a summons, or for a minor offense, you will likely be released after arrest. If you are charged on a warrant, you would be processed and go to jail immediately.

A pretrial services officer would then look at factors such as your criminal record and prior court appearances. They will then determine whether you present a low, moderate, or high level of risk, and make a recommendation to a judge. Based on that recommendation, the court could order you to be detained or released pending trial (with conditions such as house arrest or electronic monitoring). Based on new circumstances, a court may modify the conditions of your release.

Mount Laurel Pretrial Intervention Programs

For many, drugs or alcohol may be a large part of the problem that led to criminal conduct. If this appears to be the case, the court may review the facts of the crime and your background and history to determine if a pretrial intervention program may be a good fit. New Jersey Pretrial Intervention Programs (PTI) divert offenders from the traditional criminal justice path into a recovery and rehabilitation program in order to reduce the recurrence of crime. If eligible and accepted into such a program, you could avoid a lengthy jail term. Additionally, you will have no criminal conviction on your record if you successfully complete the program.

Process for Bringing Disorderly Persons Charges

If you are charged with a disorderly person offense (known as a misdemeanor in most places), you face up to six months in jail. There is also a lesser category of these offenses known as “petty disorderly person offenses,” which carry sentences of up to 30 days in jail. Disorderly person offenses are brought by a complaint, which lays out the facts and circumstances of the offense and the arrest.

Rating Methodology

Charges Dismissed

Criminal Offense

Charges Reversed

Jail Sentence

Charges Reduced


Charges Dismissed

Criminal Offense

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    “Mr. Vecchio was very thorough and efficient. His team was accommodating and the ultimate outcome was better than expected. Mr. Vecchio kept me up to date with every detail via emails and text messages. An all around good guy and family man.”
    “I have been working with Anthony on my husband’s out of state case for a few days now. He is punctual and doesn’t make you feel like you are asking too many questions in such a stressful time. He knows exactly what is happening before you even tell him. He is very professional and treats you like a human at the same time with the most respect.”
    "Anthony was instrumental in making the worst time in my life manageable. He's smart, intuitive and most of all he gave me peace of mind. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a sharp, progressive attorney who knows how to navigate the law."

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