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How to Get Points Off Your License in NJ

November 21, 2019

How to Get Points Off Your License in NJ

Potential clients reach out to my office all the time asking how to get points off their licenses. Getting points on your driver’s license can lead to fines, increased insurance rates, and even suspension of your license.

It’s critical that you act quickly and explore all possible solutions for removing points. In these cases, a criminal defense attorney can help. Find someone with experience handling these cases.

In the meantime, if you have points on your license, consider the following options to reduce your points in New Jersey.  It should be noted however that motor vehicle offenses and points cannot be expunged under NJ law.

How can I get points off my license in NJ? 

Proactive Measures

  1. Go one year with no violations or suspensions 
    • Takes three (3) points off your license.  
    • The year starts on the date of your last violation or most recent license restoration. 
  2. Complete a Defensive Driving Program
    • Takes up to two (2) points off your license. 
    • Unlike other driving programs, the Defensive Driving Program is entirely voluntary and available to everyone.
    • Courses are either online or in a classroom. 
    • You can only use this program to remove points off your license once every five years. 
    • You must complete the course with an MVC-Approved Provider

MVC Ordered Measures

  1. Complete a Driver Improvement Program (DIP)
    • Takes up to three (3) points off your license. 
    • You can only complete this program if the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) sends you a letter giving you the option to take the course. 
    • The MVC sends letters to people who accumulate 12-14 points in over two years. Drivers can take the course instead of receiving a 30-day suspension on their license. 
    • If MVC gives you the option to take the course, keep in mind that it can only be used to subtract points once every two years.  
    • You must complete the course with an MVC-Approved Provider, which include the National Safety Council and Superior Driving School. 
    • Drivers must pay a $75 administrative fee to MVC, plus a training fee to the course provider. 
  2. Complete a Probationary Driver Program (PDP)
    • Takes up to three (3) points off your license. 
    • You can only take this course if the MVC sends you a letter ordering you to complete the program. 
    • This program is similar to DIP, except that the Probationary Driver Program is for new drivers convicted of at least two moving violations during the two-year probationary period. 
    • If you’re ordered to take the course, you will only be able to take it once. 
    • You must complete the course with an MVC-Approved Provider, which include the National Safety Council and Superior Driving School.
    • New drivers ordered to complete the program must pay the $75 MVC administrative fee, plus a training fee to the course provider. 

What else do I need to know before completing one of these programs? 

First, make sure that you’re eligible for the program before signing up. 

Second, remember that each program has a timeline noted above. Make sure that you’re taking the program at the right time to reduce points on your license.

Finally, keep in mind that once points are on your license, the MVC keeps them on your permanent record. So while you can get points deducted from your license, they never completely “disappear.” This factor is important because your insurance company may not consider your point deductions when it’s calculating your insurance rates.

How long do points stay on your license in NJ? 

As long as you don’t have any more violations or suspensions, you can get points removed from your license at a rate of 3 points each year. 

The best way to keep points off your license is to drive safely and follow the laws of the road. If you do get a new violation or suspension, it will likely add more points to your license. Additionally, it starts the clock over, and you will need to go a whole year without a violation to get 3 points removed. 

How does the NJ point system work? 

Police add points to your driver’s license when you commit a violation. In NJ, more minor violations are typically 2 points. Severe violations, such as reckless driving, highway racing, and injuring another driver, are 5-8 points. For a complete list of violations, see the NJ Points Schedule

If a driver gets 6 or more points on their record in 3 years, they are fined a surcharge. The surcharge is $150 for 6 points and an extra $25 for each point after that. MVC does not consider point deductions in assessing your surcharge. 

If you accumulate 12 or more points, your license is suspended

How can I find out how many points are on my license? 

You can find out how many points are on your license by requesting your Driver’s History. MVC charges a $15 fee for driver history requests. 

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