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The Law Offices of Anthony Vecchio Are Proud To Present the 2019 Anthony J. Vecchio Law Scholarship

($1500 In Scholarships Awarded)

The Anthony J. Vecchio Law Scholarship

For 2019, the Law Offices of Anthony J. Vecchio, LLC, is offering its fourth annual scholarship program awarding $1500 in scholarships to two deserving students who authors a winning video or essay in our annual scholarship contest. For this year’s annual scholarship contest, Anthony is pleased to support a high school, college, or law school student who demonstrates submits a creative video or essay addressing the most effective treatment/punishment of impaired driving defendants. 


Applicants must provide a presentation between 750 and 1000 words in the form of an essay or video entry to the following question:

In some states, DWI charges are handled by the criminal process like other criminal charges.  In others, DWI is a motor vehicle offense.  Some states impose significant license suspensions, in others jail.  States vary in regard to the emphasis on punishment versus rehabilitation.  License suspension and incarceration have major impact on an individual’s ability to work and support their families.  Some states are considering the use of interlock devices to be installed into vehicles rather than license suspensions. But how does this address individuals who are convicted of driving under the influence of drugs rather than alcohol? What about repeat offenders? What do you believe is the best approach and why? Please be detailed and specific regarding your response. 

Judging Criteria

The scholarship will be awarded to the applicants who best demonstrate a nuanced understanding of the public policy, moral, and legal issues surrounding the treatment of impaired driving defendants and who offer creative, practical, and comprehensive proposals for states to address the dangers of impaired driving.  There will be a first-place winner chosen who will receive a scholarship check in the amount of $1,000, and a second-place winner chose who will receive a scholarship check in the amount of $500. 

Scholarship Dates and Submission:

Accepting Entries Starting: 1/31/19

Deadline to Accept Entries: 8/1/19

Winners Determined: 4/15/19


To be eligible for our contest you must be: a legal US resident, and either a current (1) law student at an accredited US Law school, (2) undergraduate student an accredited US college or university, or (3) a current or graduating high school student who has been accepted to an accredited US college or university. Students with full academic scholarships are not eligible to enter this contest.  Proof of enrollment must be provided.  We will accept digital scans of any of the following of proof of enrollment (which you will need to attach to your application):

  • Unofficial transcript; 
  • Letter from Admissions confirming deposit on school letterhead;
  • Official enrollment verification form;
  • Acceptance letter on school letterhead;

Additionally, you must:

By applying for this scholarship, you confirm that you have read and understood the Anthony Vecchio Law DUI Awareness Scholarship requirements.

Submit a typed copy of your essay or a YouTube/Vimeo link to your video. Only one entry per student is permitted. Click the button below to submit your entry.

Rating Methodology

Charges Dismissed

Criminal Offense

Charges Reversed

Jail Sentence

Charges Reduced


Charges Dismissed

Criminal Offense

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