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Middlesex County Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Experienced Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney in Middlesex County, NJ Helps Clients Fight Their Traffic Tickets and Avoid Penalties

An experienced Middlesex County ticket lawyer may save your driver’s license. Driving is one of the greatest privileges you can have. However, we forget that it is something we must earn and therefore something that can be taken away if we do not keep up our end of the deal. Many times, we think we are doing everything correctly, when in fact we are not. There are so many things to keep in mind while driving that something slips through the cracks, or we simply don’t know what constitutes a driving infraction. As a traffic defense attorney whose entire career has been devoted to defending New Jersey residents who have been accused of criminal and serious motor vehicle violations, it is my goal to help you to be less confused as to our state’s traffic rules.

Middlesex County is a major transportation hub for the state of New Jersey, connecting residents and cargo carriers to New York and Philadelphia. You travel its streets every day: New Jersey Turnpike, Interstate 287, the Garden State Parkway. You may be a law-abiding citizen of Middlesex County, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t slip up every now and then when it comes to driving. We all do; we all get traffic tickets. But a traffic ticket shouldn’t set you back. You likely have many questions that you need to be answered. How will your traffic ticket affect your driving record? Will it be on there permanently? Should you fight it or just pay it and move on? 

What is the New Jersey point system?

Most people are worried about speeding tickets, but a speeding ticket is only one of your concerns when you slip behind the wheel. You can get a traffic ticket for a laundry list of violations.

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, or NJMVC, has compiled an extremely helpful list of actions that will result in penalization. The NJ MVC keeps track of your driving violations through a point system. They add points to your driving record if you are convicted of a “moving violation”—in other words, if you receive a traffic ticket. (This does not include a parking violation.) Here are some of the common infractions and their point values:

  • Improper passing = 4 points
  • Tailgating = 5 points
  • Speeding = 2 to 5 points, depending on how fast you are going
  • Improper turn at a traffic light = 3 points
  • Improperly passing a school bus = 5 points
  • Failure to give proper signal = 2 points
  • Failure to stop at flashing red signal = 2 points
  • Improper u-turn = 3 points

Did you know…that it is a traffic violation to improperly pass a frozen dessert truck? This one is not-so-common, but be careful here…you can accumulate 4 points from this infraction!

How do points affect me?

Once you get a point, it goes on your permanent driving record and it will always be there. However, there are options to reduce the point total on your current driver status. You can earn back three points for each year that you go without committing a violation. You can also earn back points by enrolling in either a driver improvement program or a defensive driving course.

What happens when you accumulate points on your driving record in Middlesex County, New Jersey? There are three main effects this can have on you:

1) You can be assessed a surcharge. If you get six or more points within a three-year period, you will be charged a surcharge, which is a fine that is in addition to court fines and/or penalties. These fines are billed yearly for three years. This is not the only way to fall into the surcharge pit. Certain other violations result in surcharges as well, such as driving without a license, with an expired license, or with a suspended license. 

2) If you accumulate 12 points or more, your license will be suspended.

3) Your insurance rates may go up; you can attempt to get rid of points on your record through deductions, but unfortunately, insurance companies do not always take into account these deductions for your rates.

As you can see, accumulating points on your record is no small thing. This is why it is a good idea to keep an eye on your record. If you know where you stand, you might be able to avoid more serious penalizations, such as license suspensions or surcharges. For your driver history, simply follow this link provided by the NJ MVC. 

Wanting to avoid traffic violations altogether?

For those of you wanting to avoid possible traffic run-ins with the law, you might consider public transportation. Here in New Jersey, we are lucky to have a good public transportation system—in fact, we are lucky to have one at all. NJ Transit offers three modes of transportation: train, bus, and light rail. Check out their website for schedules and fares and to plan your trips in advance. 

Some of you may also be approaching an age where you no longer feel comfortable driving, or you may worry about the safety of a parent or grandparent who is no longer able to make proper driving decisions. Middlesex County Area Transit (MCAT)provides transportation for older adults ages 60 and up and for people with disabilities. You can either “reserve” a special, off-route trip for a slightly higher fee, or you can take advantage of the “community shuttle,” which operates on a fixed schedule. 

What should I do if I got a traffic ticket?

If you have already been issued a traffic ticket in Middlesex County, you are wondering what you should do now. The cost in dollars of the ticket may not be significant, but the long-term consequences could far outweigh the immediate dollar amount. Do you plead guilty, pay it, and accept the points that will be permanently added to your driving record? Or do you fight it in an attempt to keep your name clear?

As a traffic defense attorney who has seen and helped many New Jersey residents who have been charged with a traffic violation, I know how confusing this can be. Unfortunately, situations vary case by case, and what I would advise for one person might not be appropriate for the next. This is why I recommend that you seek out legal help for your traffic infractions. Many times, it is worth fighting your charges, but in order to do this successfully, you will most likely need professional representation from a defense attorney.

If you are in traffic trouble, I would be happy to talk with you and see how I can help you. I have experience working in a prosecutor’s office, which has given me much insight into how the other side builds a case against a person charged with a criminal offense, such as a traffic violation. I handle all of my cases myself—I don’t hand you off to anyone else in my office. Whatever you do, do not delay. Waiting too long to take action will make it much more difficult to fight your charges successfully. Contact an experienced defense attorney to find out your options.

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